Thursday, February 22, 2007

Permaculture cuisine for Saturday's party - cooking day tomorrow.

These delectable party snacks by Mai and Aya, with help from Stephanie Alexander's cookbook, would qualify as 'Permaculture food'. Here is why....
The cottage cheese was made by Aya while she was WWOOFing at the Holmgren's - she even milked the goat. Parsley from our garden was added, and chives from the fridge, which made us wish we had planted more chives in our own garden : motivation preceeds action. The breadcrumbs were made by toasting and crushing old Philipa's bread, which reminded us to buy the best and use every little bit: turn leftovers into breadcrumbs BEFORE we need them (and buy more airtight containers). The olive oil is made in Australia (local) by organic farmers, bought in bulk (no jars to recycle), and the rest of it sits in the former laundry, for guests to decant in their own empty bottles they bring along - nothing for the recycling bin.
Creating just one permaculture dish can touch many areas of your cooking life.

"You try to pick up one thing by itself, and find it is connected to the rest of the universe"

Thank-you Mai for the cooking and photo. Thank-you Su for happy goats.

Fiddly food isn't worth it usually, but three of us did bits of the task, and it was effortless. Permaculture: the art of making things worth it.
Thank-you Jun, Yes, I would love to have you over tomorrow and make Okara-ryori together.('kara' is waste made from the tofu-making process,but can be reclaimed deliciously)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sustainable Living Festival Balcony garden Display with Cecilia and Mates

Day one, nearly set up. Where is everyone?

Early Morning at the Balcony Garden Stall. Where is everybody?

Wth Yumi, Maki and Hitomi, behind our stall with a very quiet wombat.
The wombat was borrowed from the Bushcare stall next door.

My dear Conductor Raymond, making sure I'm feeling harmonious
Most team members had a role. Raymonds was to 'Conduct' my energy over the three days, checking that I drank enough, delegated properly, and didn't smile too much.
Selling Permaculture

Hitomi is cool

Wetpots doing their thing, watering the plants via osmosis

packed up and ready to go home

Herb TV and intrepid creator on their way home

and so are we