Monday, March 5, 2007

being a permaculture passive watering designer

No tapwatering, no problem, definitly no reason to let things die
The soil IS a tank

Replacing concrete with brick pathways like these, the water seeps into the ground, instead of swishing by dying plants down the stormwater drains. I found this charming place in Aukland: block by block, part of the street was taken over by this fellow who's hobby was laying this meandering reclaimed brick. That was the 50's Like attracts like, and it is still an enclave of creativity, deliciousness and uniqueness.

Its said that by May , drought-unaware Melbounians will be forbidden from watering their gardens. Of course its not true - we'll be forbidden from watering with Tap Water. Of course we can water with what we catch and store ourselves. Of course we can use our grey water. Except we aren't good designers yet, and don't have anyone to show us HOW.

If you know of someone who can re-arrange my bricks in this wild way, please introduce me.