Sunday, September 16, 2007

copehhagen lake balcony garden

It had been a tough day, so I went for a walk to get a new mood.
Looking up, I suspected there were great things happening on this fourth floor balcony, so I rang a doorbell. Here is what I found:

Steen and His wife were enjoying an after-dinner balcony lounge...

Balcony gardening is contageous.

there was not one whithered bloom, one unloved stem..Steen's wife says she spends about 30 minutes a day tending her pocket-garden.

Innovative Danes, they rigged up two umberella-holders, and choose the right one for the season's sunThese home-made clips keep their shade umberella from flapping, and in a gale, from being thrown down to passers-by

Bye Bye! Note the passionfruit-fairylight gardland.