Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Smith street shop window garden of beauty and love

Just look at what I found wandering Smith St.
What a great city Melbourne is. I must change my ways and never again say a mean thing about succulents. The chance you may wake up to a day that contains a gracious tableaux like this makes life juicy with potential joys.

Here is the shops creatrix, with her aquamarine eyes. A fashion designer who would almost certinaly be a great balcony designer: I wish I could say she stole my idea of a fake-lawn covering for a balcony garden (when its mischevious like this, you can get away with it).
But she carried out the idea, and I did not. And in true Permaculture spirit, she even found a way for Bunnings to give her the lawn bits at a third of the price.
Now about the windowgarden, that's the work of her loving husband. They all came from the one plant, and the both of them keep an eye out for white ceramic pots for the new babies. The first rule for beautiful balcony gardens is harmonizing pots, freeing your eyes to enjoy the plants, and here is the result in all its glory. "Their little faces all look to the street, like puppies', she said. I wish I'd asked her name. I wish I hadn't lost her business card. I hope she finds this blog.


laura said...

You're absolutely brilliant. I'm making a little barrel pond in my patio and stumbled across your articles while searching for ideas. In one article I found more realistically useful stuff than in weeks of browsing gardening sites.

I had a balcony garden at my last apartment, and had wonderful ideas about setting up an cleverly self-contained automated drip watering system, and of course I never did it and most of the garden died. I did order spider mite parasites rather than spraying, but I don't think I managed to set up the balcony-sized ecosystem I was hoping for.

Now I have a patio with some real dirt and have gotten all carried away again making my little fish pond and a scented night garden. It's slow, but it's getting there.

I'm looking forward to reading your blog for more inspiration.


Kate said...

I am so glad you 'visited' Teresa's balcony in Singapore as I have followed you to here. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring and I will put a link to it from mine. May the the wonderful world of blogs live on forever!

Sally Forth said...

Wow. You have a lovely blog. I'm here via a link from Hills and Plains.

Mitzi G Burger said...

ALthough it does feel as if I'm part of some accidental bluestocking - no, greenstocking! - revolution, I must concur with my fellow commentrixes and add my hearty congrats on a balconious blog. I too am creating a paradise found sur ma balcon, and looks like I've arrived at the non-lawn-cutting "Edge" of where it's at. Balcony Dreams of Practical Reality, anyone?

azuliverde said...

I'm very sorry for my English, but here I am.
I think your very green succulents are Echeverias, aren't they?
You are such a beautiful gardens creator... Congratulations!
I'll bookmark your blogg,if you don't mind.

blanqui, Uruguayan living in Finland right now

Cecilia said...

Ladies! Its so nice to get comments. I didn't know they were there. Like unwrapped chocolates in the bottom of a handbag.
Laura, I love your blog, and hope you will let me use the 'before' and 'after' pictures in my balcony garden seminars.
Kate the great networker, thank-you for your visit, and look at the other people you brought with you.
Sally forth, most enviable name.
Mitzi the wordsmith, I hope you create a garden that looks unmistakably, absolutly yours. Im now wondering what its elements would be...shredded literature mulch, plants with names that line up to form a poem...?
Azuliverde, You are far, far from home. Please say hello to the moomins and hattifatteners for me.
Maybe Finland has lots to learn from an uraguian attitude to balconies..
How lovely it is to have visitors, to this usually solitary party I throw called a BLOG