Tuesday, May 27, 2008

become a water reclaiming designer

This image from 'Small Gardens' is the basis of the Permaculture water system we are about to make real

From July 14th, a gang and I will start constructing the Permaculture courtyard gardens I designed in the aftermath of the amazing APC9.

"Just get out there, start doing something nobody yet knows how to do, and you find out how its done."My teacher Geoff Lawton, the world's most prolific permaculture designer and teacher, said that what ignited him into action was a line from Bill Mollison: 'Its a very boring state, being afraid". So I ignored 'afraid', found some gardens to renovate, got experts to do what I can't. Now I'm searching for effective, creative people to work with me in making them real.

It really is fun, being not afraid. You meet the best people. And when things look like going wrong, you just find whats missing, and put it in.

Click here to see the design for a Water Reclaiming Courtyard for an Elwood home.

Keep scrolling down to see the Climate Control Permaculture Courtyard garden design, for Buoyany foundation (takes 3 minutes to download) or scroll down.

Grapevine and hops will create dapples, to keep down the summers heat, and keep a convivial courtyard atmosphere.

From where can I get suitable hops? What is the best kind of grapevine for small soil space?
Who can create a dome for the grapes to grow over?

I look forward to hearing from people who want to work on any of these projects, and find out how its all done.
I dearly need help in sourcing good things, and would love to hear from someone with good ideas and good ambitions.

Working together on the Permabliz at Grandma Monica's: synergy happens.