Friday, January 30, 2009

Joost's edible rooftop - dissapearing

Corn, nectarines, parsley, bay leaves and a grand facade, from Joost's 'Greenhouse' roofgarden.

This photo was taken in December, the day I went to see the world Homeless soccer cup at Melbourne's Federation Square. I've only felt patriotic 3 times in my life, and this was one of them. To my left, regular Aussies cheering 'Go Mohammad!' , and to my right, just sprung into being, a temporary cafe/gallery/rooftop farm, created from discarded things by Joost, Melbourne's recycling floral artist.

Cecilia trying to spy on the honeybees

I went to Joost's Greenhouse again yesterday, its last scheduled day of existence. It had gotten though the 43.3 degree day with dignity. Some plants had obviously already done their job, and were looking forward to retiring, but there was still much deliciousness left - I figured It was now okay to gorge on the tiny tomato's, the parsley, and some silverbeet.
produce from the rooftop decorates the cafe. Note the irrigated background wall of strawberries

Its probably all deconstructed now, the bar stools and soil and plants gone...somewhere else.
That all these elements ever gathered here is a miracle and a dream.
Everything here was rescued from the rubbish bin. There were redundant fire hydrants as bar tables, banners for long-gone events had a new life as upholstery. Even the margarita glasses had a jam-jar type of background.
Cubbyhouse builders grow up, then do what it takes to convince the adults who run our city to let them build the worlds coolest cubbyhouse, one that pays for itself. Extreme Permaculture, without even bothering to use the world. Its something some people just know. Thank-you Joost.


Kate said...

Things don't have to be permanent, do they. We should make do more, use what's available today, like the Aborigines did.

Here in France though buildings are ancient and still being occupied and no-one fusses over them.Life just goes on inside them. Somehow in Australia we have the worst of both these worlds. Old things are knocked down and the new are generally awful. We somehow can't make do either.

enchantedcurious said...

Whoops. I arrived there on its very last day. Would love to have seen it in full swing. Been following your blog for a while now - hoping to actually cross paths at a perm-event at some stage. x mandy

caroline massov said...

Caroline Massov said..can you create a vege garden in an enclosed balcony using LED lighting?