Sunday, March 29, 2009

Balcony Garden cuisine of Autumn

Hot air balloon over Cecilia's balcony
This mornings balcony garden tasks, completed under the watchful eye of the hot-air balloonists, were these:
* Planting rocket seeds. Its at its sweetest when grown in winter, and needs to be sown every week, because it gets EATEN so quickly.
* Finished painting my irrigation pipes from black to pink
*Added liquid kelp fertilizer to everything. My regular supply of liquid fertilizer from the wormfarm has been suspended since the hot day in February, when all the worms mysteriously dissapeared. The Kelp is an innocent organic alternative, to tide us over till the new worms hit their stride.
On that topic, here is balcony Cuisine of the week, created by my beautiful housemate Hiromi, who works as a cook at Nobu:
The dish is titled 'Kombu beef with Japanese shiso-herbed vegetables, and a mushroom sauce".
We decided the Aussie word for kombu is rather less appetizing. Don't worry - ingredients from the balcony were only the chives, figs, and a couple of lettuce leaves.

Disclaimer: No Liquid Kelp fertilizer was used in the creation of this dish.

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Cheese said...

Looks great and makes me hungry! I wonder will the kelp make your hair grow faster?