Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog Creation Workshop for Creative People

Good blogs can change the world, and do a fair bit to make their creators life interesting and connected - most of my workshop and design commissions come through this humble site.
Since I'm getting good at blogging, and since its a skill creative people need, and since I've found a gifted Search Engine Optimizer, Matthew, I decided to run blog creation workshops. Last Sunday we guided 4 creative people as they put their good work out into the world using Blogger.
Here is what one participant said:
"A charming experience, with lovely, humble, earthy people. Cecilia has such an enticing, feminine exhuburance, inspiring you with her own excitement, and Matthew was both Gracious and informative, giving much needed and appreciated attention on a one-to-one basis. The afternoon tea was delightful".

Elen David, dancer
Course participants, from right: Elen David - performance artist and dance director, Katie de Araujo -Yoga and wellbeing teacher, Lynn Beaton- Writer, Sandy Gorskey - mosiac artist and teacher. The tall fellow is Matthew, web creation master.

If you would like to get better at blogging, or spend a stimulating sunday with interesting, out-there people, our next workshop is April 5th. Contact Cecilia (me) 0412 474 282 or email, or comment.

What will you learn and do at a Blog Creation Workshop? Well, You will get your own free and stylish Blogger website, where you can share your pictures and stories, trials and triumphs with the world. You will learn how to become visible to your target audience, and come out looking just as you want when someone does a Google search of your or your specialty. Read about it on this new blog.


Serena's Secret Gardens said...

Cecilia i love your blog, but am curious......do you not sleep??

I would be really interested in your blog workshop but only to learn more about blogging. However let me know if i am still eligible.

Cecilia said...

Thankyou Serena,
Im now wondering if I seem terribly productive, or just terribly dreamy?

Yes, you would probably get even MORE from the workshop if you already have a blog, and could soak it up more quickly, go home motiviated to make an even better blog shared even more widely.

email me your email address, and I will send you the course outline. It includes the option to pay your GST in chook eggs: )

Keep on treating us to your lovely stuff,