Sunday, March 7, 2010

Melbourne hail stone desert with gleaned garden refuse, brown sugar and cream

Hail stone desert with gleaned garden refuse, brown sugar and cream

You must wait patently for suitable conditions before you make this dish.
When the hailstorm finally arrives, you must gather the necessary ingredients swiftly, for optimum crunch and deliciousness.

If the hailstones have been sitting in icy meltwater, they loose their fluffiness, becoming hard and glassy
Gather, brush off any mulch they landed in, and mix with brown sugar and cream.

For garnish, go back to the garden and glean felled bits of mint, battered rasberries.

Stay positive.

Things will grow back. Cultivate them in pots for mobility, don't let storms hypnotize you, and be quicker to pull them in next time.


cbwilfer said...

Your blog is the loveliest one I read. I am so sorry that you're to leave your beautiful home. It's that cold truth of life that "nothing is forever", rearing its unwanted head. I live in Dallas, TX and unfortunately know nothing of real estate in Australia, Europe or Japan. I can at least tell you that you DON'T want to move here. It would drain all of your creativity. I also know that sometimes things which seem so awful, turn out to be truly wonderful. You never know who you'll meet when you move or what hidden talents lie dormant within you until you're faced with a challenge. Please continue blogging and know that you're in my thoughts.


Alabama Coastal Foundation said...

This *almost* makes me wish for a hail storm! I found your blog on blotanical today and am so excited to read of your adventures!

Stone Art said...

wow they are amazing

Bernie said...

Loved your post ... I had to chuckle! So strange to hear of hail in Melbourne!