Thursday, March 4, 2010

I must leave my darling home and garden.

My living room 2007,
with fishpond, roses and custom clothes dryer over the heating

What a surprise - my landlord is selling my beloved North Melbourne house. After six years, it was starting to look unmistakably like me.

Courtyard Christmas 2009
with river of curvy bricks

Well, by April 15th, my cat, my plants, my furniture collection and myself will all be somewhere else, and I can't for the life of me imagine where.

Somewhere bigger - a old mansion to paint up, with a flock of beautiful Japanese women helping out?

Somewhere further - an old Japanese farmhouse, with my things in storage, and my plants and cat and car with babysitters?

Woodfire stove with kid goat.
Illustration by Cecilia

Something funnier : roaming Australia in a restored frilly 1950's caravan?

Even though I'm a kind of Fairy of Flexibility, I need your good advice and clever ideas, because this is not my average-sized challenge.

Detail of the fairies I painted in acrylic,
splashed with rainbow light from the balcony-hung crystal

Without you, it is quite possible I could end up somewhere....dastardly. Keep in touch. Send advice and ideas. Keep me encouraged.


Cat Lamb said...

I'm so sorry to read you must leave your oasis - I have enjoyed reading your blog and feel sure you will find a nicer, better, cheaper place to live in no time. Good luck to you!

pdore said...

Good luck Cecilia!! Sending you good house-finding vibes!

KT said...

We just went through the big move from a rambling terrace in Carlton to a small (but adorable) flat in Elwood. It's tough to do, but we've now got a big north-facing balcony, which your blog has inspired me to set up as a lovely, lush, edible garden. Slowly, slowly ...

Look at the positives: you can shed all your excess Stuff, look out at a new view, meet new neighbours, explore new neighborhoods. You'll create your own balcony of dreams wherever you go.

Verhext said...

ohhh i love your blog. you'll find something lovely and make it lovely, i'm sure, just follow your instinct!

in america, the landlord does have to pay the tenant some $ to leave...does that happen there?