Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Breakfast Cornflakes Mexican style: a reason for growing balcony Tomatillos

Jan 14
If you want your day to be full of jump and sunshine from the minute you wake up, I recommend  Mexican Relatives.
My brother's wedding celebrations are now into their 5th week, the new relatives are still partying, and new (to me) recipes keep appearing. This is how they have their morning cornflakes:
Corn chips
Salsa Verde, made from green Tomatillos
Cheese, & a scrap of chicken

It will make you happy.

Laura shows of our Cornflakes, eaten in the company of traditional Mexican place mats, a wedding gift. Special people we will never meet worked with focus and style to grow and sew our lovely breakfast. Thank-you!

Tomatillo photo from One Green Generation
I have known tomatillos for years as Hozuki, the Japanese lantern fruit, dangling from its pretty covers. You pop them in your mouth when orange, something like a mango in taste, complex and sweet. Ground Cherries is another alias these hooded little treasures go by.
They grow easily, scrambling over the rest of the herb garden, self-seeding wildly.

purple de milpa tomatillos
Tomatillo photo and salsa verde recipe from Alchemy Farmhouse
Now I'm on a hunt for tomatillo seeds, and have visions of creating a beautiful useful Americas garden for my beautiful talented sister-in-law, in the Jungle garden she now shares with my brother in Urban Sydney. I just need to send someone up with a chainsaw to make holes in the canopy...There must be a way...

Send us your seeds


Anne said...

I got some tomatillo seeds from Diggers Club, the cornflakes sound like an excellent way to start the day.

Cecilia Macaulay said...

Diggers! Of course. I let my membership lapse, but that doesn't mean no tomatillos. I'll see how I go, thankyou Anne : )

Belinda said...


In case you are still interested in Tomatillo's you will also find the purple one at based down in Tasmania.

Kind regards