Saturday, January 8, 2011

Residential Self Expression Goes Beserk - one street in Sydney

Meet Susan Street, Annandale.

Its my little brother's street. It backs onto a canal, but doesn't lead to anywhere in particular, and only takes three minutes to traverse. Most front gardens are a narrow strip of concrete, or a basement where the garden should be.

What I want to know is,

How did everything get so beautiful?

This house only has one plant in its garden.

Yet 'garden' is the world, as it is a little universe within itself.

This telephone pole is homeless. No home, but the furnishings are delightful.

And this old luvvy is Still here!

People bother to Customize

They reach for the tiniest scrap of light, of space

They respect their elders

This house said "Just because I came with boring pillars doesn't mean I have to keep them". Look what they did.
Just because the whole house is narrower than the car parked out front doesn't mean it cannot be magnificent.
I even saw someone playing guitar on the doorstep, and SINGING.

Concrete can be celestial.

And Urban Plein Air painting can be a lovely slice of riverside peace, for the harried teenager.

This is the last picture for now, its the fertility god Kokopelli playing in front of the streets most edible garden, where stairs lead down to the canal. The residents here took one look at the parkland out front and said "Mine"!
Love something, and its yours.
The stairs and slope and path are covered in rosemary and eggplants and mosaics, wheelbarrows of herbs have been trundled into the scraps of light that fall though the canopy.

Too Much!
You will get the other amazing Susan Street pictures in another blogpost.

These photos were taken in August, when I last visited Sydney.

Right now I'm quietly tucked away in my hidyhole in Waverton, having a little Japanese winter of my own, so for me its all quite seasonal.
The whole 0f 2010 was a tsunami of captivating things, and you don't blog about a tsunami while your are in it.

Now, here's my question, and I need your answer, because its a mystery I'm grappling with. Which photograph is beautiful, and whats the beauty make of?


Chatsworth said...

Hi Celia,
It's Nicola here from the PRI site. Thanks for your wonderful comments- I was so uplifted to read your encouraging words. I'd LOVE to help with your project any way I can. Yes please - I'll make time for trips to the library. Email me at chatham.nicola (at) and we can go from there.
Look forward to hearing from you!
Nicola x

Nicola said...

Hi Cecilia!! So sorry I called you Celia in the last post. Not a good start when I'm offering to help edit your writing :) It's funny because at first I thought your message was from my new friend Celia, who is a permie and works at the library - so I was a bit muddled up!
Anyway,I really look forward to hearing from you. You can call if you prefer - my mobile is 0410568437.
Cheers, Nicola

Nina said...

Hi Celia, I 'pop in' to read your blog but have never commented before. When I read your post about Susan street I thought it might be a good opportunity to stop lurking and start commenting. I lived in Annandale for a few years before moving overseas in 2001. Susan st was one of my favorites because it was so different to the other streets in the suburb. I am so glad to read that it is still like that today.