Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yeilding, not resisting - Japanese aikido for surviving earthquake disasters

Of all the news and disaster images, this is the one that touched me most deeply.
Massive steel buildings, swaying like meadow grass, like water weed, gliding on their foundations.

Without a seconds pondering, I immediately send up a prayer of love for the heroes who kept the people of my beloved city safe.
Their glasses are thick, their hair is thin, and they have been trudging home at 11pm for decades so they could see what we are now seeing on you-tube, this graceful swaying.

Thank-you to the engineers of Tokyo.

I like to think of them shyly watching this video with their wives and children, people they may not have had a real conversation with in years. I like to think that despite a lack of social skills, these hardworking men are feeling like Ben Hur this week, and know that they are legends.

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