Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitchen sink dancing - Life after Michelle Bowden's presentation skills workshop

This is what happens when you do the 'Advanced Presentations Skills' workshop with the amazing Michelle Bowden.

The rules and structures she gives you for clear, persuasive speaking don't just take over your brain. They take over your kitchen walls. 

It gets worse, because she choreographed a dance, so the kinestetic learner in us remembers the 13 steps, even if our brain doesn't.  
"Pace, Pace, Pace, Lead! Reduce, Maintain Increase..."
So now I've got a new kitchen sink dance, to entertain the passing ferries with.

The hardships of harborside life: you need sunnies for breakfast

I'll tell the story of how the presentations are going, its a big one, for another day.

For one more week I have this lovely house to enjoy, and must continue preparations for my next exciting episode.

If you want to make your life interesting and easy, visit Michelle's generous and inspired website, subscribe to her free magazine, and say 'If only I knew all this years ago"!


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Tricia said...

Wow wow wow! That view is incredible. i imagine you are going to be sad to move on from that beautiful home.