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Formula for writing a spot-on, online profile, to connect with quality customers - Sunday Workshop, Sydney

The quality and depth of your network determines the quality and depth of your impact on the world. Thats the way things are now.

Creating a spot-on profile that attracts exactly the right customers and colleagues is a very good place to start changing your world.

We are often the LAST people who can see our profiles as others see them,  and we all need an extra set of entrepreneurial eyes to do a good job. Preferably caring and constructive eyes, as writing up your essence to sell is a fraught task, but thrilling once you've got it right.

So I'm holding an afternoon-tea workshop at my home-studio in Annandale, and have invited some of my favourite local culture changers - a Children's garden designer, a Permie Naturopath, a writer, a soil expert, and more. Come and meet them.

Time: 2pm - Sunday March 4th
Location: Annandale, Sydney 
Contact: 0412 474 282
Cost: $20

Bring along:
Print-outs of 3 of your current online profiles: Facebook, website, LinkedIn, etc.
Red pen - those profiles won't recognise themselves!
Back pen - you will know exactly what to put in, by the time we are done
Snacks to share from your garden, if you have any
Show and tell about yourself and your work - brochures, etc.

Cecilia's Annandale Studio, 10 minutes from Sydney CBD

 If you are changing the world with your very own business, I recommend  'Fast, Flat and Free - How the internet has changed your business', by Gihan Perera.

Its a  hands-on, do-able manual for getting the internet side of your business clear and effective, the best use of $10 you will ever make.
If you implement it.
But we don't, generally. Me too.
Thats why I'm holding a workshop, to practice what Gihan preaches.
I've learned that change happens when we are with friends we trust and admire. And when there is nice food nearby.
So I've arranged it. Come

Here is what we will do:
1. Define our ideal customer, and our not-ideal customer.
Then we will check that we are doing everything to be their ideal provider, that we are good 'cultural fit', and are communicating that.

2. Ask and answer the 'Framing' questions in our customer's mind:

                        why you? 
    why this?                          why me? 
                        why now? 

3. Use the Though Leaders Positoining Matrix to express what we do, in 3D :  Concise and catchy for twitter, Friendly for Facebook, and solution-oriented for our LinkedIn crowd.

Matt Church's Positioning Matrix, Thought Leaders

Here is an example of how a fantasy business, in this case a balcony garden designer (not me!), would use this template to write their profiles:
  • Obsession: Your driving passion or obsession 
  • Category: A simple – almost simplistic – description of your current 
    role or job description 
  • History: A few relevant qualifications from your past

    e.g. I'm a balcony garden designer,  who want to live in a city dripping with fragrant, delicious gardens.  I'm author of 'Living on the Edge - how to make your balcony garden love you back' .

  • Uniqueness: What makes your business different 
  • Analogy: An analogy or metaphor for your business 
  • Story: A case study, example, anecdote or fact 

    eg. 'I'm more of a life coach than a gardener, as planning your edible garden starts with a kitchen declutter, menu plan, and garden party schedule,   Most clients report eating home-cooked meals with companions has increased by 3 days a week, and hours of electronic recreation - T.V. and internet - are reduced by two hours per night."

    • Purpose: What is their real business goal? 
    • Problems: What problems do you solve for your customers? 
    • Solutions: What solutions do you offer to these problems?

e.g.  "My clients are passionate creative professionals who find it hard to 'switch off' from work and take care of themselves, their bodies and their relationships. The routine of spending mealtimes on a dappled, self-maintaining balcony garden, with the gift of a new bloom, creature or fruit appearing each day, re-sets their spirits. They turn up to their work life with more optimism, less adrenaline, and better results. "

Alongside Gihan's structure will be bouncing off each other's creative ideas, helping guide each other through blind spots, and make the whole process productive and fun. And maybe meeting people who will be our colleagues and supporters for beautiful projects in future. 

Cecilia's blog creation workshop for entrepreneurs, Melb. 2009

A second Online Presence workshop will be run on April 15, though the Lifestyle Designers Meetup

If you have a mate that should be there, tell them about it.
If you can't come in person, follow the  formula above, put it on line, and see what happens. If you are generous, you might send us your 'before and after' success stories to inspire our next batch of out-there Creatives.

Do contact me with any questions or suggestions:
0412 474 282
cecilia.macaulay (at)

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