Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Japan's First Official Permablitz: Winter Love for Asaba Art Square

The doggy digging area of Asaba's garden:
Illustration by Cecilia Macaulay

This Saturday My Go-getter permaculture mates and I will have 'Japan's first Permabitz' at Asaba Art Square, the garden I drew up and everyone created, two years ago.

Creating Asaba's garden, a proto-permabliz event, 2010

Come to think of it, it may not really be the first time Japanese people have come together to help each other create something edible...

Just as the Foxes and bunnies are now putting on their winter coats, now its time to pack up the leftovers of summer.  Its time to check the compost systems, maybe do a harvest. Time to plant the winter greens that go super-sweet in the cold. 
Most of all, time to plan what to plant for a Springtime Spectacular. 

Lets make it an official Permablitz, and do it by the book. 
It's a cool name, and a new Aussie tradition worth going global. 
I want to come back in the spring for a heap of Permablitzes, in all my favourite people's houses an back lanes.

What happens on a Permablitz?

Designers make a plan, weeks before. 
Revellers come on the day. 
Maybe 40 of us, in our most festive old clothes, ready for a day of using our bodies, meeting creative people, and share whatever spare we have: Spare seedlings, spare energy, spare knowledge.
We feast, on the lovley dishes everyone brings to share.
We transform the whole place, in a day.
Then dance the PermaSalsa to celebrate.
Some people fall in love.
With the new garden, of course.

Creating Paradise Takes a Team

Asaba did it!
How great is this:

Photo Gallery from Asaba's 2010 Garden creation

We collected fertile 'fuyodo from the mountains.
A truck brought the rest

Amazing Nakano-san gave us cuttings from her Tamagawa Paradise

Members of my workshop series got dirty

Concrete, filming, digging, wall-making

We marveled at how gardening brings the most unlikely people together

Timber sleepers for permaculture beauty

Here are the timber sleepers we found on the side of the road. 
The whole garden was pretty much gathered from the wild.

Asaba Art Square: Art School, Cafe, WWOOF host,
Art festival, couryard garden,  and midnight bar

El-cheepo flow form: buckets catch and store rooftop rainwater
The air conditioner is hidden in the Table-top box 

Asaba's students work light up her bridge. Often, the paint is just drying.

Bitter gourds to climb over and hide the metal bridge

3D garden to clamber and find surprises in

What can you do?

Help us translate the Permaculture official website
Find a well-connected friend, who would use and love her garden.
Propose a permablitz! 
People bring food, seedlings, music
Afterwards, we dance the PermaSalasa. 

I will come and join in. xx

How to get to Asaba's 
Call Cecilia : 080 6689 6086
Walk 8 minutes from Kanazawa Bunko Station. 
See Map


Sarah Kim said...

i love the charming pictures you draw :)

p.s. that fuyodo looks like gardener's gold

Cecilia Macaulay said...

Thank-you Sarah!
I want to run garden-drawing classes one day: if you can draw it, people want to make it.

Yes the fuyudo was delicious.

Damien Bodnarchuk B.Hlth Sc Tradtional Chinese Medicine said...

I want to go to Asaba ! :) :)

Cecilia Macaulay said...

Damian, you should go. Mrs Asaba has a WWOOF volunteer program, her resident wwoofers are mostly high-love, high-performance people, you would have a great time.