Friday, February 10, 2012

President Nasheed, caring for his country at the Slow Life Symposium Maldives

 Today I learnt the news, not from the newspapers, but from Richard Branson's twitter account. Richard's friend President Nasheed of the Maldives has been overthrown in a coup, and is facing arrest.

 What I know of the president was from videos of last year's 'Slow Life Symposium'.  With a shy, delighted smile, and soft passion, President Rasheed spoke on being a true leader, and creating a new low-waste culture.

I hope he is now safe, and that he will be able to resume his brave and creative work. But I fear he may not be.

From pictures of the Slow Life Symposium at Sovena Fuchi, I saw a glimpse of how i always imagined 'New Sustainablity' to look.

Richard Branson in luxury mode - its not that hard

Permie Mark Garett with Farmer & Film star Daryl Hanna

It looks uncannilly like 'New luxury'.

Its spending time in a place that is cared for and unspoilt, working hard and resting hard with people you admire and enjoy, living with food and buildings close to what nature provides and provides.

Today I have two hopes, that we quickly find ways to have the luxurious, untainted Slow Life in our lives here in the city.

And that President Rahsheed is back at the 2012 Slow Life Symposium.

I can help with the first one, but I'm at a loss with the second.

Here is Richard Bransons Petition for his friend.