Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fresh green New Near with Seven-herb rice porridge

Today is the seventh of January, which means....yes, its seven weed porridge day! 

Everyone in the entire nation will be eating it on this day.  They have been for centuries.

"Out you go, children. Take a kerchief, don't loose your mittens, and don't come home till you find some cudweed, chickweed, and nipplewart. Otherwise, no porridge for you! 

The land would be covered by snow, and everyone hanging out for something fresh and green. 
Which, with the wonderful tenacity of weeds, would always bravely appear. 

Simply Looking at it makes you feel hopeful and new.

Look at the show the local supermarket put on for us:

Yes, its a little container-garden of the lovely weeds of early spring.

Water dropwort, Shepherds' purse, turnip, radish, nipplewort, cudweed, and chickweed. 

This time next year, lets prepare a weed-hunting party.


narf7 said...

A beautiful and whimsical look at using our much maligned weeds. No more mangling them at midnight for me! Next year I am lining them all up...one by one...and eating them! :)

V. Gardener said...

Adorable :). Greetings from a fellow balcony gardener.

Tamara and Ducky have the same squinty right eye :) said...

how fabulous - the Japanese food culture is just incredible!!!

Cecilia Macaulay said...

So glad you liked it. Isn't it amazing what an entire culture is doing, unbeknowns to us.