Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Organising Fairies: How Permaculture Workshops get Made, in Roppongi

"Hey, you are interesting' said Mariko, who I'd just met at Wainai-san's Christmas party. 
"Lets put on a workshop' she said, there and then.

Last night we met up again at the party location. like kids playing house, and worked out what will happen on Workshop Day. 
Last Weekend in January, we decided. 

We made the flyer, wish-lists of people to invite, and there it was, our Creative life Design workshop. 

Cecilia Macaulay, Masami Murao, Ken

Find people who do what they love. 
All creative people love Permaculture. If they don't yet know it, they will love it when they see it.

Permaculture design is just this: arranging a support team around whatever creature needs supporting. You just let them loose on each other, and hope its good for everybody. 
Every creative person loves and needs a support team. 

Mr. Mori-Pan has a NPO bakery and published a book on something mysterious.
Masami Murao is a legendary photographer, of beautful people
Mr. Ken is an urban organic famer and artist. He likes people to just come to him, I think, which is a good reason to have a gallery.
He spent one year making a picture-book on Organic Farmers of England.

Arrange for incredibly delicious, easy food to appear
Kimchee nabe. Ken fermented the cabbage for the kimchee himself, at the gallery.
The tofu and veggies and pork wandered up from the supermarket on the way, and went straight in, no kitchen needed.
We just sat around and hauled it all out, morsel by morsel, eating like cats.

Arrange for everyone to have different skills
...yet listen to each other.
Then wait for them to work out how to distill the essence of what this workshop is about, and write up.
I can give these presentations, my audience love it, but they have no idea what its all about, till its over.
I've not yet found a clear way to explain it.

It will come.
I just have to keep giving events, and asking people what I did.

Candles, shoulder-massage, napping zone

These things are important, for enthusiastic late-night work.

Box of Marker Pens 
In case of mapping emergencies.
I love drawing maps.
I got soundly lost my first time here.
Actually, I arrived 4 and a half hours too early.
Thats why i prefer to draw maps.
And don't like the 24 hour clock.

I'm so easily mislead.

Tokyo Midtown Gallery map by Cecilia

Nice Location

Its just 5 minutes walk from the Roppongi train. 
Unless you are Cecilia with a bloke-drawn map, when this becomes a 30 minute walk.

The picture in Ken's book is his very own entrance. He keeps it stocked with vegetables, for his neighbors to buy from him.

If you are planning to have a beautiful free life in Japan, come!

Creative Life Design Lunch Party
Saturday Jan 26th
12 - 4pm
¥5,000 including organic lunch
The people you meet may become your suport crew, and your treasures.
080 6689 6086

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