Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not Haiku. Poem by Taiga Tomiya, translated by Cecilia

I'm staying at the Tomiya home for a few days, re-arranging this and that.
Why? In my recent workshops Mrs Tomiya stood out as super-generative and pro-active, perfect candidate to get the help of volunteer WWOOF workers.
I'm now making a few Cecilia home-design adjustments, so this creative family can become happy WWOOF hosts, sharing their skills far and wide.

Here is a poem that got hatched, just today.

Subtitle: Sparkling Lively Gait
The sounds of the wind
The sounds of instruments
The sounds in the mountains
Lovely sounds
All kinds of sounds
It'd be great to hear them right now.
The sounds of rain
The sounds of nature

By Taiga Tomiya

Taiga Recites today's Creation to Cecilia

Taiga's original won-ton wrapping method. Its fast and pretty

Taiga and his lizard

Taiga Attack, with WWOOFers

Here is the original version:


When you read the first letters of each line, they say かがやきいきあし
'Sparkling lively legs'
Just by chance! Said Taiga.
So the subtitle is a present from the  universe.
So many lovely things in life are.

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