Friday, August 9, 2013

Cyclone! How to make a chain link fence beautiful

by Scott Sherwood

Oh No Julie! Not Cyclone wire.
-Oh Yes Cecilia..But we don't have to use the barbed wire.

That's a relief.
No barbed wire fencing.

But 27 by 16 meters of flat industrial fence around our lovely newly-conceived garden!
Visitors will be frightened, they will keep away.
But I pull myself together and say:

"Don't worry Julie, I'm a Permaculture designer, I can make the best of it".

I just found out that the community garden I'm designing at the dear town of Narrandera HAS TO have a cyclone wire fence around it.

Why Julie?
-To keep out Kangaroos. 
A two metre fence??
-If they have a run up, they flyyy, these big roos.
Why can't we use nice wood, like the Narrandra Men's Shed fence?
-We've got the grant and bought the wire already.
Cant we re-sell it on ebay?
-No, that would be cheating. 
How about we Stagger it, like this?

-Nice! I will go ask the engineer...
...Ah, No.  Engineer says no.
"Maybe we could do a Trompe-l'œil", suggests Julie.
We could. In desperation. 
This one is pretty good, wire on wire:

Lacy chain link fence, Design Center Philadelphia University

Or we could get the children 'weaving' designs in rags. 
Here is something lovely I saw outside the Homework club, North Melbourne:

Cyclone fence chain link embroidery decoration. Beautiful!
Outside the homework club in North Melbourne

 The Dutch do it well:

Lacy fence by Demarkersvan

And here is what I drew last week, my last day of living in the Bellevue Hill House.
 Its a tropical edible guild, commissioned by Mark Garrett, who got me designing for Richard Branson's Caribbean island.

Necker was Good.
Narrandera will be even better.

So many ways to put up a fence.
The energy we get from the vegetables we grow will never compete with the embodied energy of a massive steel structure, but this is the world we live in.

Pretty morning glory chain mesh 
Staggered chain mesh fence

"Just the right spot for a beaut metal fence luv"


Reviewer said...

Oh, there are so many ways to make a chain link fence beautiful! Less artistic or patient people can lace it with bamboo. I really like the rag flower outside the Homework Club :-) Best of luck with your fence and garden!

Todd - Chain Link Fence said...

I've never seen a laced chain link fence before. That's really amazing. I've seen artwork made from a fence but not like that. What a great way to improve the looks of a fence. I like the staggered look as well! Thanks for sharing!